Frequently Asked Questions

Monday-Friday from 7:00-5:30

2’s Class

  • Max Size: 12 children 
  • Teacher to student ratio: 1:6

3’s, 4’s, & Pilot

  • Max Size: 20 children 
  • Teacher to student ratio: 1:12

We offer both nursery classes (half day) and child care (full day)


  • 2’s – 9:00-11:30 – T, Th or MWF
  • 3’s – 9:00-11:45 – T, Th or MWF
  • 4’s- 9:00-11:45 – MWF
  • Pilot (Pre-K)- 9:00-12:00 – M-F


  • Ages 2-5, 7:00-5:30, M-F
  • Year Round

All children in childcare program pack a lunch and will have a rest period everyday.

Please see Our Programs page for more information.

Snack is provided to all children twice a day at approximately 10:00am and 3:15pm.

We would love to show you around our school and explain more about our programs. Please call Ashland to schedule your tour.

Please contact us for our current rates. 

Each classroom teacher has numerous years of experience in the classroom, holds a college degree, has ADA training and is CPR certified.
The school is part of the Maryland State Credentialing Program. All teachers supplement their knowledge with double the standard required courses outside of school and continue striving to improve their classroom.

Ashland Preschool Center is licensed by the Office of Child Care. The school is staffed by personnel who are degreed and are credentialed by the MD State Department of Education (MSDE). During its fifty years of operation, Ashland Preschool Center has offered a rich, age-appropriate curriculum. Our creative curriculum has been added to the existing Houghton Mifflin program to further ensure that all the children are well-prepared for their entry into kindergarten.