About Us

Ashland Preschool Center is a community service and educational outreach of Ashland Presbyterian Church. Each child is unique and filled with the potential for amazing growth in spirit, mind, and body. The fullest potential of each child will be realized in the environment found at Ashland.

Family Oriented

The family is the first and most significant aspect of each child’s development. The Preschool experience is intended to be a resource for and an extension of this primary relationship.


Ashland Preschool Center welcomes all children without regard to race, sex, religion, or ethnic origin.


In order to enhance and promote each child’s individual growth we seek to: 

  1. Provide a quality child-care program of caring supervision on a daily basis suitable for the needs of preschool aged children. 
  2. Challenge the child to explore the academic basics suitable for the particular age level. 
  3. Help the child to discover his or her own unique personality, talents, and strengths. 
  4. Provide a framework for students to experience the balance between freedom and responsibility through living in the microcosm of the child care community. 
  5. Encourage a child to develop those physical skills of his or her age level which promote sound health, growth, and preparation for entry into elementary school education. 
  6. Encourage discussion and the open sharing of information in regard to the operation of the school so that the school and parents will develop a partnership in the challenge of enabling our children to achieve significant growth in all of life’s dimensions. 
  7. Recognize and celebrate multiple cultures, holidays and traditions.